Itaru Imayoshi, Ph.D.

● Rosa26-eNpHR2-EYFP strains


1: Cre & Flp dependent (double stop cassette) = R26-CAG-LF-eNpHR2-EYFP


Repository stock number <RIKEN Bioresource Center> = RBRC05150

2: Cre dependent (LoxP-flanked stop cassette) = R26-CAG-LoxP-eNpHR2-EYFP


Repository stock number <RIKEN Bioresource Center> = RBRC05151

2: Flp dependent (FRT-flanked stop cassette) = R26-CAG-FRT-eNpHR2-EYFP


Repository stock number <RIKEN Bioresource Center> = RBRC05152                                                                                     

Reference :

Imayoshi, I.*, Tabuchi, S., Hirano, K., Sakamoto, M., Kitano, S., Miyachi, H., Yamanaka, A and Kageyama, R. (2012) Light-induced silencing of neural activity in Rosa26 knock-in mice conditionally expressing the microbial halorhodopsin eNpHR2.0. Neuroscience Research 75: 53-58.

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